Completed Projects

First Green Capital acts as a developer for the benefit of its investors. Leveraging on its strong network, its combination of in-house development expertise and experienced external partners for specific aspects of the project (such as environmental and location-specific issues), FGC is able to execute the development phase of projects efficiently. This ultimately benefits the realized returns and timely servicing of its banking partners. By entering into projects at an early stage, FGC is able to offer reliable solutions to property owners, channeling risk to where it’s best managed.

Likewise, for institutional investors, FGC can deliver turnkey projects or portfolios, turning development sites into gift-wrapped investment propositions. Standardization is key to obtaining sharp project returns and delivering a hassle-free institutional investment object. FGC incorporates the principle of standardization in every phase of the development process up and until realization of the project.


First Green Capital Holding GmbH
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